Dragon Ball: Destruction

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 Daytona's Enforcer Application

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PostSubject: Daytona's Enforcer Application   Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:57 pm


Byond Experience:( 5 Yrs)

In game name:Daytona


Hobbys:Football,Carpentrying,and playing Byond.

Reasoning For Applying: I would like to apply for GM because I feel I can bring the excitment to the game.
Also I have good cummunication skills for public (players). I know how to talk situations out with a player and handle.I wil only make decision when Im told to do so. I will help the community out with the problems with the game or even it doesnt have to be about the game it could be personal. Im just gonna be that person that will be active in your game as much as I need to. Also I am honesty and trustworthy, you want have to worry about me abusing or editing anyone or myself.So you should choose me base off what I have just informed you about me.I hope you choose me or even someone else worthy of the position. Thanks.

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Daytona's Enforcer Application
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